DeepSEO Conference, Ensenada 2022

2022 Speakers
Angie Schottmuller headshot

Angie Schottmuller

Angie Schottmuller is the founder of Interactive Artisan, with over 23 years of experience in online marketing. She’s an expert in SEO and conversion optimization and has spoken at nearly 100 conferences and organizations on those topics.

She has been named one of Forbes Top 10 Online Marketers to follow and has dozens more acknowledgements and awards from various organizations, dating back as far as 2010. In short, Angie knows her stuff, and we’re very pleased she’s joined our speaker lineup!

Carolyn Shelby

Carolyn Shelby

Carolyn Shelby has been developing and marketing Internet technologies since 1994, first as co-founder of an Internet Service Provider and then pivoting to focus on digital marketing and SEO. Carolyn specializes in news, technical, and enterprise SEO, and helps corporations adjust their structure and focus to make the most of new media by integrating “search awareness” into their corporate culture. She’s recently overseen SEO for Tribune Publishing (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.),, and is currently at Disney working on the news, sports, and entertainment properties.

Chris Boggs headshot

Chris Boggs

Chris has been a digital marketer since 2000, starting in-house in the insurance space and subsequently assuming growing leadership roles across large agencies and SEM firms. Chris has led SEO teams and developed Thought Leadership at two now-Publicis agencies in the 2000’s into early 2010’s. Since founding Web Traffic Advisors in 2014, Chris advises business and agency clients, helping to improve performance in SEO, Paid Search, and Paid Social Media. Chris supports organization teams and agencies, but also works with sub-contractors and freelancers to deliver direct campaign execution in paid Media (Search & Social) and SEO. Chris also loves developing and delivering customized team training. Chris has current and recent experience serving major brands on various ecommerce platforms, B2B Software & Industrial, Travel, Retail, and other industries.

Twitter: @boggles

Dan Thies

Dan Thies

Dan Thies has been active in online marketing and SEO since Netscape was a startup. He is the author of SEO Fast Start, the most widely read SEO primer of all time, and co-author (with Dave Davies) of the Search Engine Marketing Kit.
His work spans the full range of online marketing from affiliate marketing to social media, with particular emphasis on paid search, shopping, and social campaigns. If you want to know how to build links without doing any “link building,” or how to kick Amazon out of your Shopping SERPs, talk to Dan.
Detlef Johnson headshot

Detlef Johnson

Detlef Johnson is the SEO for Developers Expert for Search Engine Land and SMX. He is also a member of the programming team for SMX events and writes the SEO for Developers series on Search Engine Land. Detlef is one of the original group of pioneering webmasters who established the professional SEO field more than 25 years ago. Since then he has worked for major search engine technology providers such as PositionTech, managed programming and marketing teams for Chicago Tribune, and advised numerous entities including several Fortune companies. Detlef lends a strong understanding of Technical SEO and a passion for Web development to company reports and special freelance services.

Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester is the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext, leading search industry outreach, evangelism and thought leadership for the company.  Previously, he was the VP, Operations with Bruce Clay, Inc, one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in the United States where he led the operations for organic and paid search, social, content and design.

Prior to moving to BCI, he was a Sr. Product Manager launching Bing’s Webmaster Program, focused on helping businesses improve their digital marketing efforts. During this time, he worked through Microsoft’s SMB and startup incubator programs to advise dozens of early-stage and growth-stage startups from Coast to Coast. Previously, he was an inhouse SEM running the SEO program for MSN in the US & Americas. He’s also the founding co-chair of SEMPO’s In-House SEM Committee, was formerly on the Board of Directors for SEMPO and is the author of two books: How To Make Money With Your Blog & Turn Clicks Into Customers.

Duane has written for publications ranging from SearchEngineLand and DuctTape Marketing, to Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times and Inc. He actively advises startups and large corporations, and even spent time advising the staff who maintain the White House’s websites.

Joe Hall

Joe Hall

Joe Hall is an SEO consultant, web developer, writer, marketer, and artist that has worked on both the national and local levels around a variety of diverse topics and technologies. Most of his work has been focused on developing the tools needed for small businesses and nonprofits to become empowered on the internet. Describing him self as “web-head”, Joe engages the internet with a passion and desire to bring change and new opportunities to his clients and users.

Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof

Kyle is responsible for the development and implementation of all SEO techniques used by the SEO agency High Voltage SEO and the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. Kyle is also the co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold, a global community of 3000+ SEO professionals who test and prove cutting-edge SEO techniques.

Kyle has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to SEO testing. He has also published the results of more than 400 scientific tests he has conducted. Over the years, Kyle has developed and fine-tuned a method to test whether single variables are ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. This method was officially granted a patent in January 2020 (US Patent #10,540,263 B1); validating Kyle’s techniques and distinguishing him from other SEO professionals.

Mike King

Mike King

An artist and a technologist, all rolled into one, Mike King is the founder and managing partner of the enterprise SEO and content strategy agency, iPullRank. Mike consults with companies all over the world, including brands ranging from SAP, American Express, HSBC, SanDisk, General Mills, and FTD, to a laundry list of promising eCommerce, publisher, and financial services organizations.

Mike has held previous roles as Marketing Director, Developer, and tactical SEO at multi-national agencies such as Publicis Modem, iAcquire, and Razorfish. Effortlessly leaning on his background as an independent hip-hop musician, Mike King is a dynamic speaker who is called upon to contribute to conferences, webinars, and blogs all over the world.

Shari Thurow headshot

Shari Thurow

Shari Thurow has optimized, architected, and designed web interfaces since 1995 and is outsourced to many firms worldwide. She currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the ASLIB Journal of Information Management (AJIM). She is also a contributing editor for topics such as:

  • Search/information retrieval
  • Searcher goals and behaviors
  • User experience (UX)
  • Usability
  • Information architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Human/computer interfaces (HCI)
  • Interaction design (IxD)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

She is a co-founder of the Information Architecture Gateway ( where she functions as the Search Director. Shari also served on the Board of Directors of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). She is the author of Search Engine Visibility, which has been translated into 6 languages. Her book When Search Meets Web Usability shows how to bridge the gap between a search-engine query and your website. Her doctoral work is in Information Sciences with an emphasis on Human and Computer Interfaces (HCI), including information retrieval (IR), search usability, interaction design, & searcher experience.

Shari’s company, Omni Marketing Interactive, is a full-service SEO, website usability/UX, information architecture (IA) and web design firm. Clients include Huffington Post, Sony Music, ABC News, FindLaw, Angi (formerly Angie’s List), Expedia, Home Depot, Best Buy, Best Western, Fisher Price, Encyclopedia Britannica, the National Cancer Institute, WebMD, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Shari is currently on sabbatical to finish her next book and academic publication. She comes out of hiding for topics she is passionate about.

Stockbridge Truslow

Stockbridge Truslow

Stockbridge “Stock” Truslow is an SEO Strategist, Lead Developer, and Tech SEO Consultant working with agencies like WSI eResults and WSI Connecticut. He also consults from time to time with other SEO teams who need assistance in developing complex strategies on a less than complex budget. Having started with computers in 1980, running the first point-and-click online BBS system in the Northeast US,  and making his first Internet Web Site in 1994, his “little hobby” evolved into a passion which became a career. He made the jump from Website Promotion to SEO in 2002. Faced with a large data driven movie soundtrack database site and the prevailing thought that Google wouldn’t index and rank a dynamic web site, Stock decided to figure out how to overcome that. Under the moniker of “Grumpus” he joined the team at Cre8asite Forums and crafted his knowledge of technical SEO and the concepts of just how search engines actually work.

In recent years, Stock has enjoyed developing strategies using large scale top tier agency tactics that can be implemented and leveraged for small to mid-sized businesses. To him, SEO is more of an art than a science, but all good art is built upon a foundation of practiced and tested techniques

Aleyda Solis

Zeph Snapp

Zeph Snapp is the CEO of Altura Interactive, the digital marketing agency he founded in 2010 that is focused on helping international companies reach Spanish speakers in the US and Latin America. He has spoken at industry events like Searchfest, State of Search and Mozcon. His data driven, customer-centric approach has been trusted by brands like Expedia and Shopify to reach Spanish speakers the world over.




Doc Sheldon headshot

Doc Sheldon

Doc Sheldon began working in digital marketing in 2003, after “retiring” from 20 years as a business management consultant. He’s co-owner of a content agency, owns an SEO consulting agency, and is also co-founder of Mentors On Tap and Web Narwhal.

Doc specializes in technical SEO, ensuring his clients’ websites are fast, secure, responsive, comply with privacy regulations, and perform as effective marketing tools. In his “spare” time, he enjoys writing, with a number of ebooks and paperbacks to his credit.

Having worked at everything from cowhand to adjunct professor, while living in many different countries, Doc enjoys learning from and contributing to whatever culture he finds himself embedded in. The DeepSEO Conference is just one more step on that path. 


Steve Gerencser

Steve has been involved in building websites and providing marketing services to clients since 1995. With a background building many diverse businesses, he’s been instrumental in helping many small and mid-sized businesses grow and become successful, both online and off. Steve is the founder of Steam Driven Media, appears on many podcasts and interviews, and has spoken at events such as the East Coast Real Estate Conference and many regional events.

Currently, Steve is focused on a small group of select clients and developing the WebNarwhal Agency.

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