DeepSEO Conference, Ensenada 2022

Travel Tips

This page will be updated regularly as we solidify details for the conference. We will update attendees via email as needed.

Travel Tips for attending the DeepSEO Con 2022 in Ensenada

Recommended Arrival date: August 23,2022

Ensenada is a popular tourist destination on the Mexican coast, and being that, travel there and back is a common and easy experience. But we want to make it even easier for you by offering both help and tips for reaching to conference.

Airport Locations

Most people will fly into the San Diego International Airport (SAN). There are plenty of cheap flights to SAN arriving at all times of the day and night. Alternatively, you can choose to fly to Mexico and the Tijuana International Airport (TIJ). Flights are less common and can be more expensive, but they do land you in Mexico and solve any border crossing issue that you may have.


We are highly recommending that everyone purchase refundable airline tickets. While we have no intention of rescheduling the conference, The last 2 years have taught all of us to plan with caution, especially when it comes to travel and even more so with international travel. 

San Diego International Airport

Crossing the Border

For those of you who cross regularly, or are planning to drive to the event in Ensenada, Awesome! Have a great drive and we can’t wait to see you in Ensenada! For everyone else:

Bring your passport or RealID. We shouldn’t need to remind you, but travel to and from Mexico is a LOT easier if you have your Passport or RealID.

Get an FMM at the border when entering Mexico. FMMs (Forma Migratoria Multiple), are tourist permits which are required for all non-Mexican citizens entering Baja California. Prior to September 2015, a “free zone” existed, within the 20 kilometer border zone for visits of less than 72 hours. That has been discontinued so you’ll need to get your FMM at the point of entry, on the Mexican side. A passport or passport card is required to obtain an FMM and your passport or passport card must be valid for six months or more from the date of entry. When arriving in Mexico by land, for stays of 7 days or less, there is no charge for the FMM.

Items that you MUST NOT BRING to Mexico (some of these are obvious but need to be said):

  • Guns. Seriously, don’t bring a gun with you. Not even a toy gun.
  • Non-Prescription Drugs: If you bring any prescription meds, keep them in the original bottle, please.
  • CBD Anything: In the US, CBD is becoming a non-issue in most places. Mexico is not one of those places. Leave your CBD Oils and Gummies at home.

Travel to Ensenada

We plan to have several shuttle buses from the border to Ensenada leaving at regular intervals. Please send us your estimated time of arrival at the border so that we can schedule properly. If you miss one of the provided buses, or you choose not to take one of the buses, there are other options available.

  • Uber
  • Cabify


There’s no need for you to make room reservations at Hotel Coral y Marina – we’ll take care of that for you. Your lodging is included in your conference ticket for the 23rd, 24th, & 25th of August. And if you add the fishing or wine tour adventure, that will include your lodging for the 26th. If you intend to stay over through the weekend, however, you’ll need to book those reservations with the hotel directly. We’ll be adding contact information here for the hotel, as soon as we’re sure the reservation desk has been informed of the conference.

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