DeepSEO Conference 2021

2021 Speaker Videos

Deep SEO Conference: Day 1 Morning Session

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda joins us from Barcelona, to share 7 Critical but Common SEO Mistakes E-Commerce Sites Need to Stop Making Now (& How to Fix Them). Her expertise in international SEO is well known in our industry, as is her reputation for delivering valuable, actionable strategies & techniques. 

She began her online career as a web developer, moving on to SEO & social media, then analytics and SEM. She’s been a Moz Associate for nearly 9 years, and she founded her agency, Orainti nearly 8 years ago, as well as having co-founded, where she and her partner provide a wealth of information and networking opportunities for digital nomads. 

You can download Aleyda’s slide deck here: 7 E-Commerce SEO Mistakes… and How to Solve Them

Lily Ray

Lily, Director of SEO and Head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital (formerly Path Interactive), is also known as a professional DJ and a drummer. Whether it’s SEO wisdom or great beats, she always delivers value. Before landing at Amsive, she worked at Flying Point Digital, where she climbed from the position of SEO Analyst to SEO Director. Before that, after gaining her BA in Politics from New York University, we worked in the NYC Mayor’s office, where she planned and organized various aspects of the city’s mayoral events.

At DeepSEOcon 2021, Lily made her presentation on Google Discover and how it is now an integral part of SEO for many clients.

Unfortunately, Lily’s slide deck was lost to us during her presentation, but you can download it here: Google Discover Slide Deck

Jenny Halasz

Jenny graduated cum Laude from North Carolina State University with degrees in Marketing, Advertising, and Psychology, and immediately put her studies to work managing the affiliate program at Art (formerly She then moved on to MarketSmart, Inc. as the agency’s SEO Manager and SEO/SEM Strategist. After that, she started as SEO Manager at Acronym, moving up to KDM Operations Manager and finally becoming the VP of Search Strategy. 

In September of 2011, she founded JLH Marketing, Inc., where she continues delivering solid results to her clients, as well as providing SEO training, optimization, and strategic support through Magnetude Consulting. In her “spare” time, she also co-owns a general contracting business.

Jenny Halasz spoke at DeepSEOcon 2021 on optimizing internal links.

You can download Jenny’s slide deck here: Internal Link Optimization in a SNAP

Tony McCreath

Tony claims to be not well known in digital marketing circles, but those of us who know him know he’s got some serious technical chops. Starting out as a web developer out of Sheffield, England, he’s pitched his tent in Dallas, TX, is now in Adelaide, AU, and over the years, he has traveled extensively. Travel is one of his passions – convertibles and data analysis are close seconds, with open-air bars earning an honorable mention. He also has an extreme fear of heights – so he constantly challenges himself to overcome that fear.

He founded his business, in 2010, and has earned a reputation of always being on the cutting edge of all things tech-seo. At DeepSEOcon 2021, Tony’s presentation was on Thinking Outside the Box with Google Analytics 4 and Google Data Studio.

You can download Tony’s slide deck here: Google Analytics 4 and Data Studio

Deep SEO Conference: Day 1 Afternoon Session

Casey Markee

With well over 2 decades of mktg exp., Casey has built a reputation in specialty niches like food, DIY, and lifestyle, working with clients ranging from solopreneur bloggers to Fortune 500 companies. He began as the Online Marketing Director for Coastline Adventures when his chosen battlefields encompassed the likes of and Yahoo Search, email marketing and eBay auction campaigns. He’s has authored hundreds of articles on SEO, social media marketing, link-building and penalty-related topics for various online platforms and was the exclusive SEO services provider to Planet Ocean and for over 14 years. He founded his own agency, Media Wyse, 20 years ago, where he continues to serve niche clients with a full spectrum of SEO-related services. He’s a prolific speaker at various industry conferences, and a self appointed Global Ambassador for All Things Bacon.

Casey Markee presented his Game Show Guide to Schema Optimization & Penalties

You can download Casey’s slide deck: The Game Show Guide

Steve Wiideman 

Steve began his online marketing career with his studies of Web Design at Cypress College, following up with a BS in E-Business Management from Westwood College of Technology. He worked with IGM Global Services as a Senior Computer Operator, moved on to Paciolan as an Internet Services Coordinator, then to Quest International, Inc., as a Search Engine Optimizer. His next move took him to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, first as Production Coordinator, then SEM Account Analyst. Further career moves included a stint at Relevant Ads as Produciton Manager and Digital Eye Media as SEO Consultant. In 2005, Steve founded Wiideman Consulting Group, adding Wiideman Brasil to the agency’s portfolio in 2018. He has serviced such clients as Applebee’s, IHOP, Public Storage, Skechers, Belkin, Linksys, Disney, and Umami Burger, among many others.

Donna Donahue

Donna’s education was double-edged – Public Relations/Image Management from Penn Foster and Digital Arts/Milti-Media Production and Digital Design from Mesa Community College. This gave her an excellent foundation for her career which began at ACYRAZ, as their Web Presence and Events Manager. She later had a stint at Arizona Hearing Center as their Digital Content Manager, after which she joined U-Haul International, Inc., first as a Digital Marketing Specialist, then as their Search Engine Optimization Specialist. The beginning of 2021, she joined Rocket Media as their SEO Manager, and in her spare time, she consults for Wiideman Consulting Group and serves in a volunteer role with Online Geniuses. She is also an Executive Chef and caters exclusive events through her company, Celtic Bella Catering.

Steve and Donna present information about multi-location SEO and Google My Business

You can download Steve’s slide deck here: Multi-Location SEO
You can download Donna’s slide deck here: Google My Business

Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski started his career at the University of Delaware, pursuing a BA in English Language and Literature/Letters. He then continued his studies at Widener University School of Law, earning his Jurisdoctor in Law. For nearly a decade and a half, he worked in Delaware’s Superior Court system. He then moved on to become the Lead SEO Specialist at, followed by the position of Marketing Director of Delaware Intercorp, Inc. and Director of Search for Commerce360. For the last 8 years, he has been in the role of Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital, and in between his other responsibilities, he has performed various duties at KeyRelevance, and has written many articles on SEO, information retrieval, and the technical aspects of website management, on his own blog, SEO By The Sea, as well as many industry publications, all the while, establishing himself as the de facto expert on search-related patents.

Bill Slawski enlightens us with his talk on Semantic SEO

You can download Bill’s slide deck: Semantic SEO

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Deep SEO Conference: Day 2 Morning Session

Dixon Jones

Dixon gained his BA from Brunel University in Maths and Management Studies, and later, his MBA in Business Administration from Aston Business School. Perhaps best known to many for his years as CMO at Majestic, Dixon has had his hands in many pies – founding Receptional, MurderMysteryGames, DHJ Ventures, and most recently, InLinks. He continues today as Global Brand Ambassador for Majestic, he sits on the Board of Zen Intelligence, and is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.

Dixon spoke at DeepSEOcon 2021 on Know Your Knowledge Graphs, Entities, Knowledge graphs and Semantics.

You can download Dixon’s slide deck here: Know Your Knowledge Graphs

Martin MacDonald

After completing his studies at St. Anthony’s College, Martin began as IT Manager for an early Internet ISP in the domestic Spanish market. From there, he moved to Schering Pharmaceuticals, as their Database Administrator. Next, he became the Director of Marketing at Pharma Andalucia, SL, handling their Omniture PPC efforts, SEO, display, and email marketing. In 2003, he founded MOGmedia Ltd., specializing in online gaming, poker, and casino promotion. MOGmedia has also developed plugins running on more than 10,000 WordPress sites and hundreds of vBulletin blogs.

Martin MacDonald’s presentation at DeepSEOcon 2021 was on using Asymmetrical Data Warfare in SEO.

You can download Martin’s slide deck here: (coming soon)

Navah Hopkins

Navah received her BA in English Language and Literature/Letters from SUNY Binghamton and a second BA from Emerson College in WLP and Marketing Communications. She began her marketing career as Marketing Coordinator and Fashion Columnist for The Boston Bazaar and fulfilled web analysis and PR duties in various intern and volunteer roles before setting out as a freelance PR specialist and columnist under her own banner. In 2010, she joined nSphere, first running their business development efforts, then becoming their Director of Data Development. In 2012, Navah founded Angel Ed, Inc., a nonprofit crowdfunding platform dedicated to making higher education accessible to all. Her work with Angel Ed, Inc. led her to take over Strategic Planning for EdTech Circle, which had a similar focus. For more than 8 years, she was the Marketing Coordinator for Bead Twins, a boutique jewelry store focused on bridal and upcycling, after which she joined WordStream, first as a Team Lead and ultimately, as their Services Innovation Strategist. She also worked as Director of Paid Media with Hennessey Digital, as Director of Paid Media at Justuno, and has recently joined Adzooma as their VP of Strategic Marketing.

Navah takes us for a walk on the PPC side. She discusses using first-party data and automation to build the perfect ad audience.

We had trouble with Navah’s screen share, but you can download her slide deck here: First-party Data and Automation

Keith Goode

Keith graduated in 1994 from the University of North Carolina with a BA in Lit. & History and began his career in technical documentation. By 2007, he had migrated more to the SEO side, particularly in the home-building niche. In 2011, he became the Global Online SEO Technology Lead at Dell, followed by a stint as Chief SEO Evangelist for seoClarity, and for the last 5 years, he was the Sr. SEO Strategist at IBM.

Keith Goode speaks scaling large enterprise technical SEO for very large websites.

You can download Keith’s slide deck here. Scaling Large Enterprise Technical SEO

Deep SEO Conference: Day 2 Afternoon Session

Michael Bonfils

Michael has been working his brand of online magic since the mid-90s, for companies like Century 21, HouseHunt,, the American Marketing Assoc., Digital, Innovation Group, and since 2003, his own firm, SEM International. He specializes in all-things-marketing for international clients around the world.

Michael introduces us to the differences between international search engines Baidu, Naver, and Yandex and how they differ from Google.

You can download Michael’s slide deck here: Baidu, Naver, And Yandex

Frank Watson

Frank received his BA with Honors, in English and Psychology from the University of Queensland and his MA in Journalism from the University of Arizona. He has spoken at and moderated panels at conferences throughout the US and Europe, as well as moderating and editing various industry forums. He was Director of Online Marketing for FXCM, helping grow the company from 60 employees to over 850, and preparing the company for its IPO on NASDAQ. He was Director of Business Development for WebmasterRadio.FM, Director of SEO and SEM for altima° North America, Affiliate Marketing Manager for Namecheap, Inc., and Senior SEO Strategist for Master Electronics. In 2007, he co-founded Kangamurra Media, serving as its CEO for the last 13+ years. He has also consulted on SEO, SEM, analytics and general online marketing for AutoTrader, MTV, and others, as well as performing due diligence for acquisitions, such as that of Haystak by AutoTrader.

Few people know as much about link build as Frank does. Frank tells us about the good, the bad, and the effective methods of link building.

You can download Frank’s slide deck here. Link Building, the good, the bad, the effective

Dan Petrovic

Dan began his studies for his Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia the same year he founded his own Brisbane-based agency, DEJAN Marketing. His company specializes in SEO, PPC, social ads and content and has gained a well-deserved reputation with its clients as the most effective marketing agency in Australia. Dan is constantly pursuing new empirical knowledge – in search or science – via testing and exhaustive analysis and has developed tools such as Algoroo, to trace SERP volatility. Dan’s also known for his love of science and has incorporated some of his scientific interests into a number of his presentations, including today’s.

Dan takes us on a journey through click thru rate optimization and how that can increase sales and profits.

You can download Dan’s slide deck here: Click Thru Rate Optimization

Jeremy Knauff

Jeremy is a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He’s a prolific speaker at various regional meetups and conferences and is an advocate for veterans of all stripes. He’s become a bit of a king-maker with his branding and networking skills. More than just a motivational speaker, Jeremy offers consulting on the HOW of building a reputation. He founded Spartan Media in 2013, which specializes in web design, SEO, and social media services. He has also written many articles on various aspects of digital marketing, brand-building and reputation management.

Jeremy Knauff closes the conference with a discussion about building personal authority and how you can use that authority to leverage real world press coverage.

You can download Jeremy’s slide deck here. Building Personal Authority

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